Kickstarter Clone


Best small business to kickstart in 2014

With the evidence of recent surveys and research been conducted in several business segments and verticals, most of the business research has came out with a conclusion that, there is an significant growth and scope for the online fundraising industry.

This industry revolutionizes the entire online world by means of its progressive outputs and several evidential witnesses. In addition to that, there is a recent updation in the JOBS act by uplifting the ban for general solicitation.

Here are the some of the major facts that indulge to start a crowdfunding business as follows.

There is a report stated that, this industry has raised almost 2.7 billion in 2012 and it is forecasted to increase to 7 billion in the year 2013

Another proven evidence is that, a famous crowdfunding website, Gogetfunding revealed an exclusive statement by conducting a rigorous research on the crowdfunding industry. It declares there is a definite exponential growth specifically for the intellectual kickstarter clone scripts.

Finally, there has been a recent revision in the JOBS act, that they uplifted the ban for general solicitation. So this will greatly generate indefinite range of entrepreneurs and enable them to advertise their service for further solicitation.

Hence this greatly impacts the crowdfunding industry as well as it ignites many people to initiate crowdfunding websites.